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Personal injury, property damage, and construction defect claims, present a significant financial exposure to contractors, design professionals, property owners, and insurance companies. Litigants and their attorneys frequently require assistance in separating meaningful data and facts from the vast amount of irrelevant information collected during the course of a typical lawsuit. Effective expert witness testimony and litigation support is basic to the successful resolution of a dispute.

The expert’s academic background and engineering experience will not guarantee their effectiveness as an expert witness. Essential skills of the expert witness include the ability to communicate effectively, to build rapport with juries and judges, and the willingness to practice technically sound and scientifically defendable methods in drawing conclusions. The expert witness must be credible not only to their clients, but to adverse parties, opposing counsel, and more importantly, to the judge and jury.

Our clients, their adversaries, and other legal professionals frequently describe us as well prepared and credible communicators, with the ability to translate complex issues into simple, easy to understand components.

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