Forensic Engineering Investigations

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“Forensic Engineering is the application of the art and science of engineering in matters which are in, or may possibly relate to, the jurisprudence system, inclusive of alternative dispute resolution.”
(National Academy of Forensic Engineers)


“Forensic Engineering is the application of engineering principles to the investigation of failures or other performance problems.  Forensic engineering also involves testimony on the findings of these investigations before a court of law or other judicial forum, when required.  Failures are not all catastrophic, such as when a building or bridge collapses, but include facilities or parts of facilities that do not perform as intended by the owner, design professional, or constructor.”
(ASCE Technical Council on Forensic Engineering)


“Forensic engineering is the investigation of materials, products, structures or components that fail or do not operate or function as intended, causing personal injury or damage to property. The field also deals with retracing processes and procedures leading to accidents. Generally, the purpose of a forensic engineering investigation is to locate cause or causes of failure with a view to improve performance or life of a component, or to assist a court in determining the facts of an accident.”