“You are one of the few consulting experts that are equally well respected by both the plaintiff and defense attorneys. You are known to be a straight shooter.”
– Wilmington, NC attorney


“I especially want to thank you for your instant response and professional follow through to our apparent crisis a week ago with the machinery (to be installed at our new facility) that was damaged in transit.”
– Dean Hardwoods


“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you so much for all the help with my crazy project. I am really appreciative of the solution you developed and think this is what should have been done originally. I know I will feel much more  confident about avoiding mold and termite problems in the future with this solution. FYI the room is prepped and has been treated twice for termites and if it passes inspection tomorrow ( and should as they followed your instructions to the letter), they will pour the concrete and the end will be in sight…so thanks again so much. I am truly grateful for all you have done. ”
– Patsy Burks


“I wanted to let you know that we were able to settle this case at mediation.   You were extremely helpful throughout and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.”
– Charleston, SC attorney


“…you did a nice job testifying in the McDermott arbitration.”
“Thanks for your prompt cost projection. ….  Thanks also for your thorough inspection yesterday; my clients were impressed.”
-Wilmington, NC attorney


“GREAT JOB AND …Thanks again!!”
– Billy J. Graves, Deputy to AVC-Facilities, University of North Carolina Wilmington


“I highly recommend him (George Barbour). He is very thorough and his turn around time is the fastest of any PE I have worked with.”
– Jay Helms, T. M. Mayfield


“Thank you. Again you have gone above and beyond and we are truly grateful.”
– Paige Somervell, President, Wrightsville Place Owners Association


“I really think plaintiff was thrown off its game as a result of how great you did in your deposition last week.”
– Raleigh, NC attorney


“George is the best in Eastern North Carolina and everyone tries to get to him first. He will be invaluable as an expert for us.”
– New Bern, NC attorney


“You did an excellent job on that report. You are number 1 in my book. We greatly appreciate your help on this project. We know who to call when we need engineering help.”
– Sam Anderson of S. K. Anderson Construction


“I can’t thank you enough for the services you have provided for me on this dispute. You are worth every penny I have paid you.”
–  Peter McDermott


“My client thinks very highly of you. The plaintiff trusts you and is willing to have you design repairs to address their problems, select the contractor and obtain a bid to perform the repairs. You must have a great reputation. I am impressed.”
– New Bern, NC attorney


“I am happy to report this case settled at mediation on January 10, 2014.  Thank you very much for your assistance.  The five defense attorneys, several of whom you may know quite well, were impressed by your work product. As always, I very much appreciate your talent, dedication, and willingness to work with me.”
– Winston Salem, NC attorney


“I wanted to write you and advise that we were successful in resolving the above-captioned case at mediation.  I believe that your investigation, evaluation, and report were an integral part in resolving this matter.”
– Smithfield, NC attorney


“I just got the Clements case settled.  You did a masterful job, and I’ll sing your praises to my fellow trial lawyers.”
– Hickory, NC attorney


“We, as a Board, wanted you to know how pleased we are with the completion of our renovated townhomes at Wrightsville Place.  We know this was all possible because of your detailed plans and constant supervision.  Your dedication was a major factor in the completion and overall success of our renovation project.  I would be our distinct pleasure to recommend you to others and hope you would not hesitate to ask.”
– Wrightsville Place Board of Directors, Wilmington, NC


“I want to state again that I was very impressed with your work in this case, and I believe that you did have a significant impact on this jury.  Thank you again for your work.”
– Greensboro, NC attorney


“Our structural engineer essentially won the damages issue for us”
– Defense attorney, Raleigh, NC (Lewis v. Renny’s Creek Mine)


“Agree that the defense strategy of examining each claim literally wall-by-wall, door-by-door, and window-by-window was very effective in tying different types of damage to things other than differential settling caused by the mine.  In some situations that kept damages to a minimum.”
– Plaintiff’s attorney, Wilmington, NC (Lewis v. Renny’s Creek Mine)